Just Start Or You'll Wait Forever...

Should I Start a Blog !?

I kept going back and forth with myself on whether I should start a blog. I'll list the reasons. 

First of all, I'm a mom. A good and validate first answer, but no, in all seriousness my toddler is climbing on everything and everywhere. He also closes my computer if it's open around him. Additionally, I'm a working mommy with a full time job and side business. I feel like I'm always piling things on my plate. I want to do and be everything for myself and others. I feel like I have some much to share but I don't want to reach a place of complete burn out. 


Sounds like an overachiever, haha. Yep!  

I could continue to list ten validate reasons and ten excuses on why it's not a good idea right now, but if not now... when ? The nudge does not go away. It would wake me up at night. I would read other blogs and get inspired. 

Advice: Listen to the nudge, follow you heart and start <3

A Letter To Me From Me: 

You have so many gifts, talents, stories and experiences. Why not share them now? What are you waiting for ? Why can't you make time? It is out of fear? Are you not good enough? Do you fear others will judge you? Do you think others' will make fun of your experiences? 

Listen, who cares. Nobody was made like you, absolutely no one. You are God sent. What you embody nobody has! Share your story queen, share your talents, share your experiences, make it beautiful. Know that you will be supported through this journey from me first, and other's next. Your tribe is here. May this be a safe space to share both the good and the bad. Know that your enough. I Love You.

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